Lets Jack It!

Hurm.. Ape yang nak di jack nye? Ok, just for my note, previous week, i have jacked 2 vehicle which is an aircraft and my own car. kui2..

It has been a long time i didn’t do an aircraft technical job until last week, i have a chance to touch my favourite aircraft which is boeing 737-400 owned by boeing which has reached end of lease and undergoing c2 check to be delivered to another aircraft company.

Haa.. for your info, this aircraft just visited Israel the bangsat country to do the routine check. No wonder their job macam tut! Buat sealant pon mengelembung2. Bodo gak orang israel nih. Ok2 sambung citer.

I dont know why i feel so excited to work this week. Dont even know what my mom gave me to eat. wakaka!=p But seriously working with boeing 737, i learned a lot walaupun selalu ponteng. haha kantoi. Even a normal job working in a wheel well area removing some corrosion,  i have learned all components in that area commonly related to hydraulic system and sometimes peeping on my friends task to learn about landing gears.

Beside that, this is actually my first time assisting my LAE (licensed Aricraft Engineer) to do some inspection as per the task card provided at the cargo area. Hurm.. i can feel how heavy are the responsibilities that an LAE need to hold especially when signing all the task for the aircraft to be certified fit to fly. uhuk2!


( A specified place to tie the thread of plumb bob near the hydraulic reservoir system A)

Ok, back to the topic, this is just for my note of how to jack the aircraft:

1) Get ready with all the serviceable jack at for point (nose, left wing, right wing and tail)

2) Make sure enough manpower to assist at each jack point.

3) Centralized the jack pad with the jack.

4) Jack up slowly until it touches the jack point by turning the handle. Lock all jack legs

5) One LAE conduct the jacking procedure and giving instruction from the wheel well. Here where i’m in the interfere mode. wakaka

6) Jack up lateral axis of aircraft first which is main landing gear so that it is level by observing the plumb bob that is hung in the wheel well. Make sure the plumb bob pointer always near or approximately to zero scale on the leveling ruler / steel plate.


(A pointed cone shape plumb bob hanging must always pointing to zero scale)

7) Giving instruction : “Left jack up”, “right jack up slowly” etc.. After main gear jack, jack up tail. At this point, the nose are not supported and hanging. Jack up the nose to slightly support the aircraft.

8) Jack until the wheel a few inches from ground and can be rotated.

9) Make sure the locking collar nut always 1 thread up from the jack collar.

10) Stop jacking and disconnect all the air hoses.

Urm.. ada lagi kot tapi tu la main dier. ahaha.

For jacking a car pulak, letak jack kat jack point and jack sesuka hati korang la..haha.. senang je xyah procedure ape2. Ari tu jack kereta sebab nak tukar 2 tayar baru kat belakang yang dah bape kali dihentam paku yang ditabur oleh tokey tayar kat jalan yang kejam dan boleh dikelaskan sebagai bongok n mnyusahkan orang! huh.

Agi pun tayar tu dah memang botak pon. So kena la tukar sebab nak jalan jauh untuk trip memancing lusa. xsabarnye hai.. Ni la satu2nye trip tahun ni. Pasni dah xde sebab busy study kot utk submit DCA final exam bulan august nih. aduih.. Study x agi. Byk nak kena cover nih. uh!

Alamak! lupe beli torch light lak.. Hurm esok ar beli. Baru nak wat prep untuk ke laut nih. Baru nak study tips2 mancing pasni.. kah2.. Sib baik sgala peralatan memancing dah cukup. Abih duit gua kat alat2 mancing je. siot tol! huhu..

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