About Me

Dear Friends,

Below are my simple personal details:

Name: Mohd S_h_u_f_i A_r_i_f

Place Of Birth: Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

Hobby: All about Internet, computer, WEB & CARS!

Full time job: Webmaster & Internet Marketer + Aircraft Trainee Engineer + Web Editors

About me:

huh! xnak cerita ar! baca ar blog ni kalo nak tau! hu2.. =p

Currently concentrating on developing and maintaining KDI and deliver services to current customer.

I will write and share all my knowledges, experiences and activities here and hopefully we can gain something good here..=)


my web (Proud Property):

http://kereta.info — growing up as majalah kereta online malaysia – The BEST site in My life!

2 Other Website that are growing to reach the achievement of KDI (20,000 visitor per day!)

http://shufi.webd.biz –My blog

http://webd.biz –My Biz (Version 5) – visit here to see complete business profile and services

“Do whatever you want and whatever you need to do!”

From the chair of S-h-u-f-i =p

Add me on FB and FS – [email protected]