Note : Special thanks to my samsung s85 “cheap” camera =) for all the un-editted original pictures below. The important thing is the “man behind the camera” Wakaka!

Breathtaking scenery at the entrance of colmar tropicale.

WOAH! What a very2 packed weekend! Haha.. Best gler. Last week and this week were so many activities. Tu yg x sempat nk update blog nih. Last week, tame67 buat aktiviti beraya open house rumah saya dan kawan saya marzuki. Minggu ni plak hari jumaat kuar mkn western kat restoran kapal kampung baru. Yang dapat jalan-jalan cari makan punya plate. Esoknya, pergi jalan2 di bukit tinggi or berjaya hills. Best gler. Tempat tu memang cantik ar. Siap ada japanese tea house, botanical garden dan french design colmar tropicale. Below are some of the pics of my interesting activities.

What I bought today at lowyat plaza? Walauweyh.. Borong2.. Need to replace my brother’s battery charger coz it is stolen by the “cargo Boy” at the airport. So i bought a new uniross rechargeable battery charger with 1000mAH AAA size and the charger for just RM37. No need the AA size coz i already have the ultra 2700 mAH bought at cape town during my last trip.

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